Restarting a video

I have layers, each one with a video that the learner pauses/restarts with click/dbl click. They want to be able to re-start the video from the beginning without leaving the layer. I see 'reset to initial state' settings, but that's when re-visiting the slide/layer. Am I missing something simple on how to restart the video clip without leaving that layer? (I'm in SL2)

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Carrie Eaton

Thanks, Ashley. I tried allowing seeking but that doesn't accomplish what they want, 

This isn't a course, it's a presentation to demo software to high level managers. They;re using screencasts rather than the live system because these are engineering apps, and they can be impacted pretty significantly by system traffic, etc. No worries about performance or access if it's a screencast. But they want it to look as ''live' as possible. That's why the seek bar traveling across the bottom of the screen doesn't feel like a good solution. I was hoping for a trigger of some type on a key press that would automatically restart the video.

It's not critical...just something that would be nice.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Carrie!

My first thought was to suggest enabling the video control bar, which would add a separate playbar to the video. However, you mentioned that you don't want a seekbar traveling across the screen.

Another idea is to change the color of the seekbar to match the color of the player, so it would be invisible. Then, learners could click the player "Rewind" button to restart the video from the beginning. 

Carrie Eaton

First of all, Alyssa, the player colors job aid is priceless....I've needed this for a long time!

So using the seek bar and having it match the color of the player worked perfectly.

BUT the videos are on different layers on the slide and there's a trigger to play the first layer when the timeline on the slide opens. That means that if I'm on another layer and press replay, it replays the first video, not the one I'm on. 

Short of re-designing the entire presentation with each video on it's own slide - which for various reasons will cause other major issues - do you have any ideas for replay when the slide has layers??


Carrie Eaton

Yes, I did that because I needed the display of the text boxes to pause as well as the video. And this weekend I re-designed the project to place each video on a separate slide. Turns out that wasn't as much of a problem or as time-consuming as I thought, thank goodness. So it's now working as I need it to....the presenter can pause/restart the slide by clicking/dbl-clicking the slide and can restart the slide using the replay on the seekbar.