Restarting / resuming videos on base layer after other layers have been visited?

Dec 01, 2017

Hi all! I'm working on a project that has a video playing on the base layer of the slide and I'd like to have it continue to play once my users have visited another layer and return to the base layer. My audio file is working, but the video automatically jumps to the end, no matter how fast I return to the base layer (the video and audio are both about 30 seconds long). 

I'm working in Storyline 2 and here's what I've got so far:

- set layers to pause timeline of base layer (it does, I can see in the timeline and with the audio)
- set video to "show always" instead of "show until end"


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Katie Petty

Both apparently. I just published it to see if that would make a difference and it didn't. The music still plays, but the videos (it's actually multiple tiny videos) all skip to the end no matter how fast you return to the base layer. 

I did notice one more thing. I have a custom next button (just an image with a trigger on it) that takes them to a layer that says they need to watch all the videos before moving on. If they've already watched everything, then it takes them to the next slide. The videos on the base layer don't pause if you click that next button first. However, if you click any of the links that go to other layers, each with their own video, that's when the base layer videos jump to the end.

Walt Hamilton


Two things. Having the layers hide the objects on the base will mess with with their timelines. The Not Visited layer doesn't hide them, and doesn't cause the same problem. Also, if your object has a visited state, clicking on it will change it to the visited state, using a built-in trigger. Creating your own trigger to do that can sometimes cause unwanted conflicts with the built-in trigger.

Change those two things, and see how it works.