Restarting the module

Jun 23, 2020

Does anybody know if it's possible to set the storyline file to restart from the beginning - but only if a result slide has been visited?

We have built an elearn with different pathways based on roles, so when people need upskill to another role they take a new pathway and a new result is recorded. 

Currently when they go in to complete another pathway, it takes them to the results slide which is where they left off the last time. 


As an alternative, is there a way to change the "Start where you left off" text to a customised message? 


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Lesley Condon

Hi Sam, 

Thanks for your help. I have been looking at that but wasn't sure how to set it so that it restarts the course once someone has completed it (recorded a pass result), logged out and then logs back in to choose a different pathway. 

I might have to put a new slide in that says " have you completed this course before?" and if they click yes, then it restarts the course. 

I'll keep experimenting! 

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