restarting the timeline


I'm creating a sim with a cooking timer. When you hit the button it will trigger the display to change, then in the background the timeline runs through a series of text changes on the display. I want it so that if I hit the trigger early it'll kill the process and restart the timeline. I see you can restart the project but it blips white, which isn't optimal. If I can get it to jump back to cue 1 or restart I'm golden, any ideas from the experts?

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james lavis

Hey Michael, it's all on one slide. from my coding background I look to use only one slide with a focus on variables. I've attached the item, the interactive one is in the black box. here's the two pieces of functionality i need, which I've accomplished but I want to get rid of the restart as it blips the screen white then restarts. In flash I'd accomplish this by using a gotoandplay and loop it back to cue point 1 or even a loop back to the first frame and stop it.

the functionality needs:

1)hit the timer, it runs through, does the "cook more" state, then goes to the "xxxxxx" state. a click starts the time, and once the timer has run through you can hit the button to go back to normal (i.e. I'd like to sit back at frame 1).

2) I hit the timer and it goes, but then I hit it to stop it (interrupting the sequence). then I hit it again and I can let it run or stop it. So really in both, when I hit the button a second time, it should revert back to cue 1 or at best frame 1.