Restore on mouse leave feature not working

Sep 23, 2014

Hi Team -

I have this slide on which i have applied a HOVER state on a character. Then added a trigger on a Oval shape to disappear when the mouse is hoverd over the character. This works fine.

Problem is when i move the mouse away from the character the Oval shape remains disappeared and does not retain/restore its normal state. (While adding the trigger, the "Restore on mouse leave" box checked).



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Emily Ruby

Hello George!

You had made a post with us 2 months ago. You will receive emails whenever someone replies unless you hit the "subscribed" button at the top of the page to unsubscribe yourself.

Catrin posted, so I was replying to her post :)

Also, when you use the "reply" feature from within the email, your signature will show in the thread. you may want to go in and edit your post to remove this.

Marilyn T

Was there ever a solution posted?  I'm not seeing one and I have the same problem.  I have a marker and a trigger set to change the state of my character to hidden when hovering over the marker. I checked the box to restore the character when mouse is moved off the marker yet the character does not reappear. 


Thanks much,



Marilyn T

Here you go. When you click on the info marker above, the avatar disappears but does not reappear when your mouse leaves the info marker.

Thank you!!!!


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