Restore on mouse leave problem

Hi, I've created a role selection drop down which changes to grey as the mouse moves over each role, in the list of roles. That part works. I've also got it changing the selected role to blue when it is clicked, however, when I move the mouse away the blue disappears because of the Restore on Mouse Move option. I've tried turning off Restore on Mouse Move which fixes the problem but then the grey mouse over doesn't turn off. I've also tried using conditions so that it only runs the hover over trigger if the item hasn't been clicked but for some reason the Restore on Mouse Move still seems to be triggered even thought the conditions aren't met.

I've added the project for anyone to see.

I hope someone can help

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Alicia,

It sounds like a few things are happening within your file, so I'd want to begin by confirming that you're working on your project files as described here.  If the behavior consists on that one file, you may also want to look at importing it into a new project as described here.  

You could also look at conducting the repair of Storyline here.