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Bruce Graham

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro said:

Hey, Bruce. Tx for this. Question: is there no way to use the Text Entry variable for this? I tried it. Although the text entry box on the screen shows, "type your text here" (or whatever) the actual password displays when previewing.

Just wondered.

No idea!

Would love to have a "hidden password" option, where, (like on credit cards), just the last number or letter displays.

Think it will show whatever you do, unless someone can come up with a clever alternative.


Frances Steinberg

I suppose you could set your text color the same as your text box color, and it wouldn't show up, but all they would see is their cursor moving.

On another note, instead of the text entry variable, I've used a slide with a numeric quiz entry, where the only entry that is correct is their code, and the submit button takes them to the new scene for teachers.  Seems to work a bit more reliably.