Restricted Nav and disabled Next button

Hi everyone,

We built a course with a restricted navigation menu; and disabled the Next button of each slide for the first 5 seconds to force the user to read what's on the slide (that's how the course was designed).

The user can click on the navigation menu once they've gone through the entire course, however for some reason (1) the menu remains locks i.e. I cannot click on another chapter in the menu (2) the Next button remains disabled after 5 seconds. 

Any thoughts on how to fix this or why this is happening?

Thank you,


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Wendy Farmer

In a restricted menu the next button will remain disabled until the timeline ends - so even though you are setting it to normal via trigger after 5 seconds if the timeline is e.g. 10 seconds, the user will be able to click on the next button (it will look normal) but they won't be able to advance until the timeline duration ends.

Here is a workaround by Bobbi Bailey if you need it.