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karen forkish

Hi Christie,

Thanks so much for this link. The original poster, in his first point, is asking for the same functionality I would like to see. 


(1) Once the learner has viewed/completed a slide and wants to go back to a previous slide, is there a way to allow seeking AFTER the slide has been viewed?


The replies are more directed to Nathan's second point, except for one comment to say that the behavior to allow seeking on a second viewing is not possible. Can you confirm that? Is there any way to allow seeking after a slide has been viewed in its entirety? 

Thank you very much for your help.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Karen -- Many thanks for your response, and just to confirm, I reached out to a senior member of our support engineering staff and for what you have described, it depends on how things are set up. 

The information I received is as follows: "Using restricted navigation - in the player settings - when they revisit, they can jump ahead. But if the seekbar is set to read only, it will be read only on revisits as well, though they can jump with the next button." Does that help answer your question?