restricted navigation, disabled Next button until all layers visited

I disabled the next button on the base layer when timeline starts (navigation is set to advance by the user and restricted in the player and next buttons restricted as well).  The timelines on the other layers are very long and contain too much information but that's another topic.  ;-) If there's a trigger to change state of next button if each of the buttons on the base being either selected or visited, then that control works for the player and next button navigation.  However, the next button is normal immediately upon selecting whichever that last selected/visited button and the learner does not have to listen/seehe entire layer of whichever layer was triggered but whichever button was chosen last, and can skip past with the normal state next button.  Basically,  I don't want only a variable change to true on the state of all buttons being visited.  I tried half dozen ways with variables and state changes and conditions on trigger of next button state change to normal.

I created a variable on each layer, which changes to true upon the timeline of each layer ending, (since there's no built-in trigger to change state of next button to normal when the layers have been visited).   then I put the condition of the trigger on the next button state to normal if all the variables changed (each layer true at end of timeline).   I swear this worked at some point and now does not.

 This is a very complicated and time-consuming way to "restrict" navigation until all layers are visited and then allow user to advance.  That's because the layers themselves aren't being controlled like the base layer.

what am I missing? your help is appreciated as I've spent too much time on this.  I'm about to throw in the towel and let the learner skip past whatever they want to skip past if they want to.  ;-)  

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Crystal Horn

No, Cheryl!!! Don't give up!!! :)

I mocked up a quick example to show how restricting the Next button until layers have been viewed completely would work.  Here's what I had to consider:

  • I need to pause the timeline of the base layer when I view my other layers.  That way, the base layer timeline doesn't run out before the variables are adjusted.  If it does, the Next button won't show because the trigger fires once as soon as the timeline ends.
  • I need to hide my layers to return to the timeline of the base layers.
  • I need to restrict learners from clicking the base layer so they don't leave a layer before its timeline ends.

Now the only catch will be making sure the learners view the layers before the timeline on the base layer ends.  Have a look at my attached example and see if there's anything you can take away from it!

Cheryl Powers

ok, I have already the same as your bullet 2 and 3.  I had changed from my original configuration to be on the buttons until layers were triggered and the control variable adjusted, but when revisit didn't work, I changed to the base layer and put the trigger of the next button to the timeline ending instead.  It still didn't work.I have never paused the timeline because I haven't determined what it use would be, but didn't see the variables wouldn't adjust because the timelined ended already.  :-(   let me go back and see.  thank you for your share/reply.  greatly appreciated.

Cheryl Powers

to make sure i understand the concepts of the software's design, you're saying that I need to pause the timeline of base layer in the properties of the other layers to be able to finish that layer's timeline and change the variable.  in these circumstances, the base layer's timeline is automatically unpaused then when the timeline of the other layers ends?  trying to wrap my head around it since the pause doesn't occur until after they've selected the button that triggers the other layer and THEN it's paused.