Restricting and Opening Navigation in Storyline

Feb 27, 2015


Many of our customers who purchase the safety courses our company sells, require that the user not be able to skip through a course on first view. After they've viewed once, they should be able to skip thru slides. I've been testing various ways to restrict and open navigation so I can use same template for all courses going forward. I'm looking for some advice on best way to accomplish this (and easiest).

We are not using Storyline's built-in menu. On our custom menu screen we have the Chapter buttons. On the final slide of each Chapter we have a variable that sets Chapter status to Complete. From menu screen, user can't click on a Chapter button unless that Chapter Complete status is set to True. On my menu screen, do I need to set it to "resume saved state" when revisiting to ensure my Chapter completion check marks appear when user returns to the course?

On all slides, trigger is added to Change state of next button to Normal when Timeline ends to prevent user from jumping to next screen until they've viewed all content.

What's the best way to open the navigation so user can click Next button at any time once the user has completed the Chapter (Chapter Complete status is set to True)?

Currently, I am just using a trigger "Change state of the next button to Normal when timeline ends" to prevent going to next slide until the slide is viewed. I thought maybe by adding a condition on to this "if Chapter1Completed == False" so if Chapter HAS been completed, the Next button would function as normal without requiring timeline to end, but doesn't look like it works this way.

Any ideas on best way to open navigation after user has viewed Chapters?



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Emily Ruby

Hello Bryce!

Have you looked into using the "restricted" setting in the Player options? In SL2, this will restrict the next button  from working until the timeline ends. 

if you are using variables, you would need to set the menu slide to resume to saved state to make sure the check marks appear when resuming. And using the Chapter1Completed == False condition would work, so when the variable is true, the next button will function normally.


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