Restricting menu navigation

Dec 03, 2019

Hi pros...

Found this tutorial article but it doesn't REALLY answer what I need.  This assumes that each slide in the menu is reflective of the course content. I only want to show the basic headings to help my learner know where they are in the course, but I don't want to give them the ability to click on it.

I have 6 topic headings, each with 4-5 sub-slides attached to them (called "Untitled" or "Topic 1.2"  "Topic 1.3" etc.)  I don't want to show all of these sub-slides in the menu, but I need the learner to go through them to get the full content.  

Restricting or Locking still allows the learner to click the menu item. How can you actually LOCK it so it's not a clickable item? 


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