Restricting movement through the course

Jul 18, 2013

I know in Articulate Studio there is an option that you can click that then requires users to complete all interactions on a given slide before moving to the next. Is that function possible in Storyline?

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Cristina Devrin

I usually use two triggers with conditions on the Next button. I set-up one trigger to jump to the next slide when user clicks the next button if all buttons (or shapes or whatever I'm tracking) have been visited and then I set-up a second trigger to show a feedback layer when the user clicks the next button if any of the buttons have not been visited. 

For example - 

A trigger like this to jump to the next slide IF both button 1 AND 2 are visited (key - that you select AND for each object so all have to be visited to satisfy the condition).

And then one like this to show a feedback layer if any of the buttons (or objects) are not equal to visited (key here is to make sure you select OR for each object so the layer will appear if any of the objects have not been visited. On the feedback layer, I put a pop-up that basically says you must click on all buttons (or objects or whatever) before continuing on to the next slide.

Not sure if that is the most efficient way to do it but that's my process.  

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