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I am attempting to restrict navigation on the attached e-learning course. I have shortened it for file size purposes. However, in a course VERY similar to the attached, adding a variable and a trigger allowed me to prevent the learner from progressing before the slide finished. However, with the same parameters in place, this module will not act as desired. Any suggestions on what might be different in this file?

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Annie Jean

Hi Michelle,

I have looked at the file and at no moment it is said to change the Value of Agree to True so it stays False all the time.

You must have used something like Adjust variable Aggree to True when timeline of audio ends.

I was also wondering how you manage for the value to reset on every slide...?

Hope it helps, have a nice day!


Michelle Thomas

Annie - 

I have a True/False variable in place with False set as the default. I then added a trigger to each slide that instructs the software to jump to the next slide when the user presses the next button under the condition that the variable is True. 

Does this seem correct?

This worked on the first course that I did, but not this one. 

Annie Jean

Hi Michelle,

It is correct so far but what I see is that the variable never changes to True.

You need to add a trigger to change the variable to true at the end of the slide/audio.

Will take another look at it and come back to you in a few minutes.

If you were using custom navigation, you could only change the state of the next button at the end of the slide.

Will be back shortly!

Annie Jean


I have added the trigger to adjust the variable to true at the end of the timeline for the 2 first slide.

On the second one, I have added a trigger to adjust the variable to False when the timeline starts to make sure you cannot click on the button before the end of the slide.

I have also created a custom button on the third slide showing as disabled as long as the slide has not ended.

Hope it helps and have a nice day!