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Dec 17, 2014

SO I know you can set the navigation to restrict in the player, but his does not work for me.

My screens have interactions that say for example click on the buttons for more information. There is audio to go with this. If you read the text quicker than the audio and click the button, the main timeline does not finish, in which case your 'next' button has not been unlocked, and you are stuck on the screen!

I have seen the work around to leave the navigation as free and then add in code after publishing to lock the menu, but if there are any corrections there after this process needs to be repeated each time (and is easily forgotten). - would be great to still just have the menu lock option.

I also have other courses where the client would like the 'next' button to be locked and so I need to work out a solution to this!


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Emily Ruby

Hello Lizzie!

In Storyline 2, the restricted navigation will not allow user to move on until the base layer timeline ends. If you need to let users click ahead within the slides, you can use the workaround above, or you could add in a custom button to "click to next slide" This can trigger to jump to the next slide without waiting on the timeline to end.

When you say you have button to click for more information, does this trigger a new layer? If so, make sure the option to pause the timeline of the base layer is not selected. This should allow the base to play through while the layer is being viewed.


Lizzie Angell

I have various projects, all use custom 'next' buttons. In one of these projects I want the next button to be locked, but I also want the 'pause base layer' to be selected.

If the 'pause base layer' is unselected and a user clicks on a button too soon the audios run over the top of each other.

I could have the layer buttons locked till the base layer has finished but this means if you read quickly you are left getting board till the audio has finished.

Emily Ruby

Hello Lizzie!

Using custom buttons will override the built in next button restriction. I am not sure if I am understanding what you need. If you pause the timeline of the base layer when a layer shows, the custom buttons should navigate to the next slide even if the base layer has not finished.

If you want to "lock" the custom button until the layer appears, you could just set it to disabled and change the state to normal once the user opens the new layer.

Lizzie Angell

Sorry I have different courses for different clients all with different needs.

Client 1: using built in buttons. Want locked menu, not locked buttons. Going to use code fix. (This is fine but would be good if there was an automatic option in Storyline in the future)

Client 2: using custom buttons. Want locked next buttons, that won't be affected by clicking into other layers.

I like the idea of the fix you suggest and will give that a go.



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