Restricting Slide Progression

We have slide and player triggers that are restricting the user from clicking next before the audio finishes. While you're in the course it will let you go back to slides you've already listened to and fully navigate.

Unfortunately, if the user exits the course in the LMS (Cornerstone) and re-enters later, it will not let them navigate freely.

Any ideas? Can I add another variable/trigger based on the completion of the quiz? Just throwing that out there.

Thanks to all!


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Emily Ruby

Hello Kerianne and welcome to Heroes!

In your player properties, you need to have the resume set up to "prompt to resume" or "always resume". This is found under the "Other" tab in the properties.

Have you tried testing this in the SCORM Cloud? This is the industry standard for testing these files, and it is a free option. This can clear up whether or not it is a file issue, or issue with the LMS

Here is some information on troubleshooting your LMS

Also, this is a thread about Cornerstone, and you might be able to get some ideas from other members of the community!