Restricting Slide Views

Jun 29, 2015


I am wondering how I can lock down a course so viewers cannot move forward until the entire slide is viewed BUT if they were to go back and view other slides, could then click forward through the slides already viewed until they've reached the point where they left off? If that makes any sense...I know how to restrict the slides so they cannot click 'next' until the slide is finished. It's having the ability to go back and then click through quickly without having to view the whole slide again that I'm unsure how to accomplish.



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Lara Smith

Hi Sagar,

This is great, thanks! Just a quick question. When I am programming the trigger 'Set Slide03_Complete equal to True When the Timeline Ends,' do I need to go into the variable and add the name of my slide or can I just choose the option 'Variable 1'? If I choose that option, the name of my slide doesn't appear in the trigger Wizard like yours does.

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