Restricting the Retake Option in the Final Quiz

At times for our e-learning courses we receive requirement that the learner should be able to attempt the final quiz only thrice that is the learner can retry the quiz only twice. In this scenario the third time the learner fails he/she should not be allowed to take the quiz again.

How can this restriction be imposed on our e-learning courses? There is an in-built feature, re-take option, in the final quiz. When the learner fails to complete the quiz, using this re-take option, the quiz can be attempted unlimited times.

we can restrict the use of the retake option in the final quiz using Articulate Storyline

Here are the steps that might help you.

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Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for sharing YakaRaju!

We have a solution for this as well:

When you enable the Retry Quiz button on the result slide for a quiz, learners will have an unlimited number of attempts to take the quiz. But you can change this behavior by adding a variable to track the number of attempts and a couple of triggers to set a limit on the number of quiz attempts allowed. See this tutorial for details.