Restriction for tabs(layers) and markers


we need to use restriction in course (Storyline) where user have to watch all the element on the page - also all tabes(layers) and markers if needed.

I know it is simple for normal page because we can set it up in Menu settings. But I'm thinking how can we use restriction on tabs(using actually layers) and markers.

Any of you have experience or knowledge with that?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Damo,

There isn't a master player or slide setting for this, but you could set something up utilizing variables on each individual layer or marker that the user can't proceed until seeing those (say T/F variables and once they've been visited their state is adjusted to True) so that the trigger would have a condition to advance when X and Y are true. 

This is a set up example based on visiting all layers, and then automatically going to the next slide - so you'd need a similar set up on your course.