Restriction of the next button: click on the two buttons before going to the next page

I want the user to click on two buttons (to lightbox a slide) before going to the next page. First I tried to make a variable for each button: the starting point of the button is false but when the user clicks the button the variable will be changed to true. Then I added a condition to the "go to the next page when the user clicks te next button" trigger: variable 1 AND 2 have to be equal to true (viewed). This was not working: after I have clicked the two buttons, I can't go to the next page when I click the next button. Then, I tried to work with states. Button 1 and 2 have to be equal to be visited as a condition to go to the next page. Again, this is not working. What could be the problem? 

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Emily Ruby

Hi Annemijn,

Here is a tutorial on using States.

When you select an object, you would need to go into the States tab (next to the timeline) and you can add in the states there by clicking on the Edit States button. The built in ones (in the link I shared above) do not need triggers to make them work. they will work as designed automatically. If you create custom states, you will need a trigger to make these appear.