Result Page and Question Banks

We have 8 question banks (catagories)which we are drawing from to create a test for a certification program. Five ramdon questions are selectedfrom each bank for a total of 40 questions which the user must pass with a 70 percent.

However, it has been determine that the tester must also pass each catagory or bank with at least a 60 percent or (3 outof5)to be certified. The tester couldpass the overall test while failing one of the catagories.

The issue I have is the result page allows you to set the passing score for the test not each bank.

I havevarables set up which track the number of questions the testergot right in each bank. If theyget less than 3 right in a bank a level appearstelling them the training they need to take.

What I need is a result page that shows the overall passing score with a pass or fail (I have this now) plus a fail for each bank the tester doesn't get 60 percent. I can show this but it's just a layer and I need LMS to record it. Right now it's just recording the test score.

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