Result Problem

in articulate storyline 2 update 7, passing score points issues face when i end exam without complete all questions.

i customize player submit button to end test (Jump to result) and next button to submit interaction (multiple choice). I have 50 question in question bank, every question point is 1 and passing percentage is 50%, So passing point is 25 point.

When i start quiz question after 10 question complete press submit button and jump to result slide, result slide show 10 passing point, so them if my 5 question is correct i pass exam without complete all 50 questions.

Please help.......

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Furkan

why don't you set the submit button to hidden state until all 50 questions are done. Then change state to normal and user can submit and jump to result. You can use a number variable to add 1 each time a question is answered, then trigger state of submit button to normal when variable = 50. Hope that helps