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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marielle,

Are you looking to only show the Results slide to the students if they receive 100%? You could set this up with some additional variables and triggers on your results slide - but you'll also need to determine what happens when they don't get 100% - where will the user be directed too? If you choose to set this up, you'll want the triggers to check for the value of the variable at the beginning of the timeline with a trigger that if it's less than 100 the user is directed to X. If those items are at the top most triggers of the Results slide set up, you should be able to have the user skip over the slide to whatever the next point is. Are you looking to have them retake the quiz if less than 100%? That is a built in option for the Results slide, if you set the passing score to 100% they'd be directed to the failure layer, and that could be the only layer where you include a "Retake" quiz button.