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Tim Shelton

If you want to track which questions were right or wrong inside SL you could create true/false Variables for each i.e. Question 1 ; Question 2 etc each set to false automatically

Then on each question's correct layer have a trigger which adjusts the 'Question X' variable to true on timeline start.

On your results slide you can then have a list of variable calls to show which were correct/incorrect.

For example

an object with 2 states a tick [correct] and cross [incorrect],  

trigger > change state to incorrect if variable Question X is false  

trigger> change state to correct if variable Question X is true

Then on the failed version of the results slide you can have a button called retake with a trigger to jump to a pre-assessment slide which has a set of trigger to set all question variables back to false thus resetting the quiz.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ana,

What part of the quiz review are you looking to edit? If you've reviewed the information in the blog that discusses how to update the individual slides and what is shown to the user during review. If you could share a bit more information about what you'd like to accomplish we can point you in the right direction.