Result slide including all questions along the course is over 100 %

Mar 02, 2015

Hi everyone,

 I have 6 quizzes everyone with it's own slide results and in the last slide of the course I have a result slide ("Graded Result Slide") just to show the overall score (average of all individual quizzes together: for this last one i just selected all the questions in the course that appear when clicking in "EDIT RESULT SLIDE"). The problem is that when taking all kisses and passing all the score in the final results slide is over 100%. I need to solve that by tonight, because i am in a project and now everything is polish but that.


If anyone with experience in slide result could give advice it will be highly  appreciated

I have found a discussion in that an placed this post there too:


Thanks for any help

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Antonio A

Hi Emily,

Thanks a lot for your answer. I see, now I have chosen all "Results Slides" in the the course.

There are 6 results slides (one for each quiz) plus the final one just to show the average of this 6  "result slides". When i take the quiz the scores i got are as follow...

Quiz1: 100%

Quiz2: 100%

Quiz3: 100%

Quiz4: 66.66%

Quiz5: 100%

Quiz6: 100%

Score in the Final Result Slide= 92.85%. But I notice this score is calculated taking in considerations number of questions (14) not number of quizzes (6). Below is how i guess the FINAL SCORE is being calculated by storyline:


Quiz1:100% (3 answers right out of 3)
Quiz2: 100% (2 answers right out of 2)
Quiz3: 100% (2 answers right out of 2)
Quiz4: 66.66% (2 answers right out of 3)
Quiz5: 100% (2 answers right out of 2)
Quiz6: 100% (2 answers right out of 2)

92.85% in the FINAL SCORE in the final "Result slide" in the course. This % is being calculated by storyline as follows: I got 13 questions right out of 14. Which is 92.85%

Is there a way to calculate the final score out of number of quizzes in the course and not out of number of questions, the score calculated that way would be: 94.4%

Thanks for any help,




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