Result slide is grading the exercise incorrectly

Hello Eheroes!

My result slide for all of my exercises is off. I am sure it has to do with the fact that I cut and pasted it and moved it around a bunch of times. But now, how do I fix it? There are two problems:

1. It is grading the exercise incorrectly and saying that Fail when my students are passing.

2. The score is no longer showing and neither is the passing score. 

I have included the file in this post if that helps. 

Thanks so much for your time!


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Avery,

Wow! A LOT of French there, but I could remember enough French to muddle through the first slide and answer correctly. So, I deleted the other two slides just for the sake of time.

I spent quite a bit of time trying looking at things and can't tell by looking what's wrong. Out of curiosity, I did two things.

First, I inserted a new results slide. This DID record that I'd passed, but set my score to 0 (I'd answered correctly). I looked again at the question slide and couldn't see what was wrong. So, I inserted a new blank slide. I copied, in this order:

  • Text box 1 (where you have all the text)
  • Each of the target boxes
  • Each of the draggable boxes

I turned this into a freeform drag and drop, and now the new results slide is working perfectly. Your results slide still doesn't work.

Not sure that really helps you, but uploading here in case you or someone else can see what the differences are between your original question 1 slide and the one I recreated.

Avery William

Hi Rebecca,

I am having trouble replicating your fix. What are the steps exactly to how you created a new Result slide that works?

Which are the text boxes? Are these the boxes for Your Score, Passing Score, Result, Your score grade equation, Passing Grade score equation?

What are the target boxes? Are these the Success and Failure triggers?

Which are the draggable boxes? Is this the Review Quiz box? 

Can I add a Review Quiz trigger too?

How do I turn this into a Freefrom Drag and Drop like you said above?

I know you must be busy with life and work and life and work, but could you make a screencast on how to do this? I have just spent my entire morning trying to make this work but it isn't happening for me ... 

Thanks again for your patience and your help!


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Avery,

Yikes! Not sure I'll have time to do a Screencast on this, but I'll try to answer your questions.

To create the new Results slide I:

  1.  Clicked on the slide before the last slide (in the left pane in Standard view)
  2. Right-clicked in that pane below that lasted slide and selected New Slide
  3. Clicked the Result slides tab near the top of the window.
  4. Clicked the Graded Result Slide icon.
  5. Indicated in the Results windows which slides should have their results included.
  6. A Review quiz button is automatically added to the Results slide

Regarding the text boxes, target boxes, and draggable boxes, I'm referring to the items on your quiz slide. Nothing to do with the results slide. Probably shouldn't have kept it in that same paragraph.

I couldn't see anything wrong with your quiz slide, but decided to recreate it. So, I inserted a new blank slide. Since I didn't want to, nor do I have time to, redo all your work, I copied items from your quiz slide onto my new blank slide. So, if you look at the timeline on your quiz slide,

  • The very last item is Text Box 1. Copied this onto my new blank slide.
  • There are a number of rectangles with names such as "salle de bain", "Le commissariat", "cinq cent mille." As you know, these are the rectangles where the draggable items will go. I referred to these as the target boxes. I copied and pasted thes onto my new blank slide.
  • There are a number of items labeled with the word "Drag", such as "Drag - salle de bain", "Drag Le commissariat", and  "Drag - cinq cent mille." As you know, these are the items that will be dragged into the correct position in your paragraph. I was referring to these as the draggable items. I copied and pasted these onto my new blank slide.

Slides can be turned into Freeform Drag and Drops by:

  1. Select the Insert tab
  2. Choose Convert to freeform
  3. I chose Drag and Drop

In this window, you select the items that will be dragged (left column) and the places where they will be dropped (right column)

You'll also find good information on quizzes here Inserting and Customizing Quiz Slides

Avery William

Hello Rebecca,

I really appreciate your detailed description. I am still unable to solve my problem and I am asking some at Articulate to take a look at it. I hope to figure this out soon. I was able to fix a few of my slides. But about three of my exercises are still having trouble! 

I will figure it out ... I hope!

Thanks so much for your amazing help!