Result Slide Problem

We experienced the bug with the random questions describe below:

Be we also experienced another one, maybe related...

We have an exam with 2 question banks. We use 3 results slides, one for the result of Bank1, one for Bank2, and the last one with the Total and Individual Banks results. Every time I click on one of the Question Banks, on my Bank Result Slide, the check box in the Result Slide Properties popup disapear !

I joined my .story file and a video demonstration...

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Peter

the total result slide 1.3 - shouldn't that be calculating results for Selected result slides 1.4.L1 and 1.4.L2 - you had it set to calculate results for selected quesions.


your result result slide 1.4.L1 is also set up to calculate results for Selected questions and includes both question banks instead of just the first bank

your result slide 1.5.L2 is set up to calculate results for selected questions from both question banks instead of just the second bank

Peak Bagger

1.3 is the total for the exam & the lesson results. I use 1.4 & 1.5 to create this result.

1.4 calculates the Bank1 total

1.5 calculates the Bank2 total

I have no problem getting the results I want. My problem is that the bank checkbox (in the Result Slide Properties popup) keep unchecking every time I click on the Question Banks.


Emily Ruby

Thanks Wendy! That file downloaded just fine :)

Peak - I am not getting the same results. I did change slide 1.3 to pull from the question banks 1.4 and 1.5 instead of the questions it had selected, and the boxes did stay checked. I saved, closed and re opened and they were still checked in the properties. 

You may want to look into the steps listed here to repair your software and see if this helps.

Peak Bagger

Ok I finally got it! In slide 1.3, if I change "Calculate results for:" to "Selected results slides" the checkbox don't disapear like it use to do. I don't get what's the difference between those 2 ways of achieving the same result, but it works...

Still, I think the programmers should check this issue out. We use to do this in SL1 and it worked great !

Emily Ruby

Hello Peak!

If you are using 2 separate results slides for each bank result, then using another results slide to calculate from both of these, you would need to set it up as Wendy shared above. If you just want one results slide to pull from both banks, you could remove the 1.4 and 1.5 slides.

 I would still recommend running the repair as linked above, and see if this helps.