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I´m just through the result slide tutorial and got some questions:

- is it possible to show the user at the result slide which quizzes he missed and then link to them?

(in my projekt its possible to make the last quiz at the beginning, but then the user should recognize, that

there are more quizzes)

- and for multiple choice quiz with more than one right answer: is it possible to give feedback like:
"you only chose two answers , but you need three"  ?


greets from vienna


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Mike Enders


Here's the answer to the multiple results slide. And having a button show up to take the individual back to the quizzes.

Welcome to variables!  They're lots of fun!

Part 01:

Part 02:

Part 03:

As for the 2nd part...if you're using Storyline, you can adjust the feedback layer to give the learner that feedback.


Alf Peherstorfer

Hi Mike

i made it like in the tutorial, but it doesn´t work that way :( I don´t know where

the error is, perhaps you can have a look on my project (it´s in german...):

I can also give you the open files (how?)

and there´s one more question concerning the player:

is there any possibility to get the xml code for the player, so that we can

create our own player (the company would like to have the logo in the grey

scale in the left corner, and some other details, which i can´t change in the normal settings)


best from vienna


Mike Enders


My German is, um, heck, I don't know a lick of German!  But, from what I can gather from your course structure, I'm noticing these issues:

1. Your results slides for each of the testsaren't set to track anything right now.  You'll need to go into each of your results slides and select the question (or questions) that you'll want the results slides to track.

2. Next, you'll need to add a trigger to change the variable from False to True.  You'll do this on each results slide and change that particular tracking variable.  Just make sure to have the variable adjust 1st in the trigger order (before the Jump to Next Slide) trigger.

I hope this helps!


Alf Peherstorfer

Hi Mike,

thx for your help - i hope your vacation was good and you´re right back?

I´ve got some troubles, when the project gets non-linear.

  • When i go straight through the project - with the NEXT button ("Weiter" in German)  there´s no problem, and the final result slide works
  • but there should be also the possiblity to get via a content menu to the tests, and here it gets weird:

Via the Content Menu called "Inhaltsverzeichnis", and it´s one of the top right buttons of the player -> Tab "Conclusio" -> "Test-Übersicht" - you come to the Final Result Slide.

The test in the content menu are: Tab "Blutdruck" -> "Blutdruck Test" | Tab "Niere" -> "Niere Test" | Tab "Diabetes" -> "Diabetes Test 1" and "Diabetes Test 2" | Tab "Conclusio" -> "Test 1" and "Test 2"

If I visit the first "Test Übersicht" and I go back to any Test of the project:

- For the Multiple Choice Tests with one possible answers, i can´t click  the "submit" button ("Senden" in German) for the right answer, but i can click the wrong one (for example: Tab "Niere" -> "Niere Test", the right answer is "CDK 2" i can´t click it)

- For the Multiple Choice Tests with more possible answers, i can´t click any button (the Tests: Tab "Conclusio" -> "Test 1" and "Test 2")

So the problems start, when i visit the Result Slide ("Test-Übersicht") via the Content Menu.
A Bug?
The Project is here:

I hope you can help me.

All the best from Vienna