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Aug 31, 2012


i´ve posted this question already in a thread

, answered by Mike, but i suppose he´still in vacation, and i´m a little bit in trouble, because i have to present my project next week - and there is one huge problem.

Perhaps someone can help me?

I´ve got some troubles, when the project gets non-linear.

  • When i go straight through the project - with the NEXT button ("Weiter" in German)  there´s no problem, and the final result slide works
  • but there should be also the possiblity to get via a content menu to the tests, and here it gets weird:

Via the Content Menu called "Inhaltsverzeichnis", and it´s one of the top right buttons of the player -> Tab "Conclusio" -> "Test-Übersicht" - you come to the Final Result Slide.

The test in the content menu are: Tab "Blutdruck" -> "Blutdruck Test" | Tab "Niere" -> "Niere Test" | Tab "Diabetes" -> "Diabetes Test 1" and "Diabetes Test 2" | Tab "Conclusio" -> "Test 1" and "Test 2"

If I visit the first "Test Übersicht" and I go back to any Test of the project:

- For the Multiple Choice Tests with one possible answers, i can´t click  the "submit" button ("Senden" in German) for the right answer, but i can click the wrong one (for example: Tab "Niere" -> "Niere Test", the right answer is "CDK 2" i can´t click it)

- For the Multiple Choice Tests with more possible answers, i can´t click any button (the Tests: Tab "Conclusio" -> "Test 1" and "Test 2")

So the problems start, when i visit the Result Slide ("Test-Übersicht").
A Bug?
The Project is here:

I hope you can help me.

All the best from Vienna


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