Result slides for pick a path assessments

Hi there,

I have developed a piece of learning where learners can pick which role they have in order to answer a quiz related to their job.

One quiz has 7 questions and the other has 4. The learner chooses their role, completes the quiz and if not passed gets the option to try again. I need them to achieve 100% on the quiz associated with their role to complete the learning. The problem I'm having is that I want our LMS to pick up the results from either role quiz, not both as a combined result.

I have a result slide for each quiz but when publishing can only choose one for the LMS to track. I have created a third result slide which submits the results from each of those slides but it will only allow me to combine the results.

Any ideas for this one?

Thanks in advance


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kerry,

If they need to be able to receive 100% no matter the role they chose - what about adding an element to the final results slide success layer for each role that would branch them to a new question (let's say a t/f for ease). You could either set the trigger to automatically change the True radio button to be selected or customize it's layout to allow the user to say they've finished the quiz - and click "Yes" (which would be the correct answer) and then track that final question on a results slide which is reported to your LMS? If that set up wouldn't work for you - you may want to take a look at this other thread where  alot of users have discussed branching quiz results and how to report to an LMS.