Results: Because "Print" has become a bad word

Jun 06, 2018

I have been digging through the conversations and I found several old threads regarding emailing instead of printing results.  

I clearly saw that, at that time, SL does not support emailing quiz results.

However, in this day and age, "print" and "paper" have become big no-nos.  Can we email the results instead of print?  NO.  Can we download/save the results instead of print? NO.

My question is if Articulate plans to add an email, download, or some alternative to the results any time soon?  Any time far out?  At this point, I tell people to create screenshots since they can't print.  They literally think I just don't know what I am doing when I suggest that it's a system limitation.

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Sandra Lowe

Thanks Matthew.  That specifically addresses creating .pdf of certificates from a SL2 course.  I am using SL360 and I need the "print results" to be downloadable.  Savvy users know they can right click and create an .html from the page that pops up, but we have 1000s of users that are looking for a save as button.  And I was looking for a solution that didn't involve trying to find someone to write code.  But thanks for replying.  It does at least give me the evidence that it's simply not an option yet.

I am still hoping for someone from Articulate to indicate if this is on the future update radar.

Thanks again for your time.


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