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Feb 16, 2013

I would like to create a quiz which uses a likert-type, or summative scale and to have the feedback/results slide based on a scoring alogithm. For example, I have 3 questions that each use a five-level Likert item:

1. Strongly disagree

2. Disagree

3. Neither agree nor disagree

4. Agree

5. Strongly agree

After the questions are completed responses are summed to create a score for the 3 questions.I will create 3 "buckets" and depending on the bucket a specific results/feedback slide will be displayed.

Can someone explain how this can be done in Storyline?



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Mike Enders

Hi Tom,

You sure can.  Basically, you create your own custom likert questions (button sets are key here) so that you can adjust a numeric variable based upon the selected buttons.    This will also allow you to jump to a particular results slide based upon the value of the variable.  I've attached a sample that I just mocked up.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Libby

using the file you uploaded, if I select '1' on slide 1 and '2' on slide 2 it is adding to '3' on the last slide which is what I would expect...and it is adding based on clicking the grey custom submit button...

not sure I am understanding your issue.  

Because the score is adding once the submit button is clicked it isn't adding more than one response so I can move between the 1,2,3 option but it doesn't register until I decide on the selected radio button and then click submit.

Wendy Farmer

Do you want them to be able to change their answers?  If not, place a transparent shape - shape filled any colour with 100% tranparency over the radio buttons or slider which ever way you decide to go that is initially hidden then changes state to normal when the user clicks submit button.  This will essentially lock them out from clicking on anything.

Let me know if that doesn't make sense or you need help with anything else.

Wendy Farmer

Another example would be to have a reset trigger if you want them to be able to if they go back to a question and do want to make changes you could reset the'd need to do some testing to make sure it was calculating correctly but it could be done. Depends how many times you want them to attempt it.

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