Feb 14, 2016



Is there a way I can save the results.html file as a pdf or even as a static .html file somewhere locally on my pc or on the network.

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Scott Thacher

Hi Kennethg -

Are you wanting to save a Results screen, for example, from a Graded Result slide? If so, make sure the “Allow Users to Print Results” option is selected on the Results Slide Properties screen. (See attached.) With this option enabled, you get the option to print, which leads to an additional screen. From there you should be able to save Results as html. You can also save as a PDF if you have Acrobat or another PDF creation program installed.

Hope this helps!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kennethg,

The steps here walk you through how to modify the report.html, but it's not something we offer support for.  As far as automating it, I assume you mean on the users' end so that when they reach that point it'll automatically open the file and print it? It'll involve Javascript likely (something else we can't offer support for) but you may want to begin by taking a look at the threads such as this one. 

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