Results not being submitted to LMS

Nov 29, 2017

I have an issue where the results slide isn't sending any results to the LMS in scorm cloud.  Upon course completion it shows as incomplete.  I've tried setting up the trigger to submit the results when the timeline starts (trigger is in the appropriate "pass" or "fail" layer), and when the user clicks the button to exit the course.  Neither passes the result to the LMS.  What am I missing?

.story file is attached,  here is the link in scorm cloud:

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Russell Engoran


I only took a quick look, but I would say the issue is with the multiple (4 of them I think) result slides.

Instead of having an intermediary result slide for each agree/disagree question, maybe just track the individual choices in variables  (e.g. agreed1, agreed2, agreed3) and then only go to a success page if they agreed to all 3. 

Then you only need to base "Pass/Fail" on whether they made it to the success page.

Just a suggestion. I hope that made sense.


James Newcomb

Thanks Russ,

Although your suggestion didn't necessarily fix the problem, it did cause me to look deeper into the results slide options, which held the answer.

For some reason, having the final results slide look at the other three results slides for the pass/fail data wasn't working, even though, after adding a text box with %results.passed% on the slide master DID show the values true/false for pass/fail conditions.  I changed the final results slide to look at the quiz slides themselves for the answer and it's now reporting to the LMS completely... not just the % correct, but is now logging a pass/fail condition as well.

Thanks again!

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