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Hi, folks! I have a course that has two branches - learners will take one or the other. Each branch has its own assessment with its own results slide. I have created a third results slide that I don't want learners to see that will submit the results to the LMS. I configured it as shown below...does anyone know if this will actually work? have

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Alice Jefferson

Ashley  --

I checked out  the responses from Christine and  Peter but still have a questions.

The Storyline support documentation states --

Similarly, if you are combining other result slides into a single result, you can specify either of the following:

  • User must pass each quiz:  Each result slide in your course represents a quiz.  Select this option if your users must pass each individual quiz to receive an overall passing result.  In this scenario, if a user fails any single quiz in the course, then they fail the entire course.
  • Combine points from each quiz:  Select this option if you want the scores from the selected result slides to be added together and re-evaluated as a single score.  Then assign the appropriate Passing Score percentage.  In this scenario, a user could fail one or more of the individual quizzes in the course and still pass the overall course as long as their cumulative score exceeds the passing score assigned here.

I have selected the Combine Points option --

I have 6 results slides in the course and the 7th combines the points from the quiz. This result slide was select to report to the LMS.  It correctly combines the scores  but does report pased or incomplete to the LMS.  I have tried this several times and it doesn't report anything to the LMS.    The course is AICC.   Is it possible that this feature isn't working properly?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alice, 

You mentioned it doesn't report passed or incomplete, so is that field just blank when you look at the results within your LMS? There is a known issue where AICC content viewed in Chrome or Safari is always marked as incomplete,  and documented issues when  hosting the AICC content in a cross domain environment.  You may want to begin by reviewing this post on common troubleshooting issues for an LMS, including testing your content within SCORM Cloud (directions for how to test AICC content there).