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Judy Nollet

By default, the Results slide assumes it should look at the quiz questions within its scene. If you want to include questions from other scenes, you do have to select those in the Results Slide Properties, which are accessed via the Edit Slides Results button.

The Results slide is never shown in the Menu. I think Articulate made that decision to prevent people from jumping to Results before they answered any questions, which would really confuse the program (and the user).

However, there are reasons for having Results in the Menu. For example, if the navigation is Restricted (i.e., the user could only access Results if they've already been there), it could be helpful for users to return to the Results after reviewing other slides before retaking the test. You can make this happen:

  • Insert a slide immediately before the Results slide.
  • Name the new slide Results.
  • Set the new slide's timeline to 0.25 seconds (i.e., the shortest time possible).
  • Add a trigger to advance to the next slide as soon as the timeline ends.
  • That new slide will show up in the Menu, but it will always progress immediately to the actual results.
    • To avoid a jarring visual transition, it helps to set up the new slide to look similar to the actual results. For example, include the title and any other major pieces of the layout.