Results page based on branching choices

Hi everyone,

I have a client that is needing a child interview created, and would like a nice report page at the end created based upon their responses. It will be set up as a child watches an animated video, responds to the video by selecting a choice, and then the course will branch based upon the response. At the end of the interview, they would like a report generated detailing the path they took that will be provided to school personnel, counselors, etc. They want the answers listed out, not a percentage.

Any idea on how to do this, or a program that might be set up for this? This will be web-based, and no LMS is utilized.



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Judy Nollet

Hi, Angela,

I was going to suggest setting up the choices via survey questions, and then including a Survey Results slide. But then I saw the "no LMS" part. If there's no LMS, Storyline doesn't have anywhere to send/store the program data.

The best I can offer is to refer you to this post about tracking without an LMS: