Results.PassPercent variable access

Aug 19, 2013

Oh great software wizards - please could you tell us all how to access the Results.* variables for use in interactions.

I am trying to use more game like mechanics in my e-learning. In this particular case, I would like to change the state of a graphic from "hidden" to "visible" based on the results of the quiz. Specifically - when the learner scores >=80% change the state of graphic to visible.

In Captivate land a way to change the such elements is to write out to the HTML container, then pick up the output with a java script.

Please can someone help with this?\



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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Marcus,

This thread is quite a bit dated and I'm not sure that Antoine would still be subscribed here.

I'd love to start a new conversation with you and better understand what are you looking to accomplish.

If you have a sample file for someone to take a peek, I'm sure someone would be able to help you out with your design :)