Results reporting without an LMS

Hello, everyone.  Hopefully this will be my last setup question regarding this project, but the answers have been so helpful thus far that I may have become addicted to asking!

The course we're creating will be used in part by aspiring family therapists in developing countries.  We're doing it on a disc rather than using a system like Articulate Online because many of them don't have access to the internet while they're learning the material.  We need to get some of the results back to us.  This would be some quiz results, but mostly "essay" items.

I've been puzzling how to do this.  I could put the quizzes online, but that would still require them to be online for a period of time while writing their essays.  I was wondering if there's some other way to have them save and email results which would entail a much shorter online time for them.  Someone has suggested the solution of adding a SCORM player on the disc that would email results to us.

The idea that comes to me would be to create some kind of log, like in Word, that they could store and enter results which could be emailed.  Any ideas would be most welcome.


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