Results requiring 100% of multiple quizzes passed with 70% each

Apr 03, 2013

We are using Storyline to deliver a Certification Exam, consisting of 8 separate modules (quizzes).

Each module (quiz) consists of 8 questions being pulled from a bank of 25 questions.

Certification requires each module (quiz) to be passed with a score of 70%.

Need Certification Results page to show:

           Results of each module (quiz) by showing score in % of correct questions in that quiz

           Overall Results to show "Certified" or "Not Certified" 

                          based on 8 out of 8 modules (quizzes) passed

           If "Not Certifed", need text added to indicate which modules learner needs further study on

Is this possible to do so it then can be captured and tracked in the LMS?  This seems logical, just haven't figured it out so it will be tracked appropriately in the LMS.


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Phil Mayor

Yes it is possible, you need 9 results slides.  One for each of the modules and an overall results slide.

You need to add the certified not certified to the overall results slides as well as indicating (using states is probably best) a list of wich sections they passed based on the results of results slides 1-8

I built something like this once, it is a little fiddly but doable.

Vicki Frucci

Darn it.  So do you remember if you used banks of questions and had storyline draw randomly from the banks, then had it score for the different banks based on the questions right or wrong in the random draws?  Or did you set the subject areas up as separate quizzes which randomly drew from just those questions, then had a results page for each quiz, then had an overall results page that summarized the results pages from the quizzes, with an overall score or result after that?

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