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Okay- so I am creating an assessment in Storyline based on previously created knowledge check questions.  I created a Knowledge Bank with the questions and set up the results slide.  All is working fine there.

When I set up the Review  Quiz button(in Storyline) it walk the user through the quiz showing whether or not the user got the question INCORRECT and CORRECT.  The problem is, the Correct answer is showing up with a green check mark.  I don't want that to happen. 


I realize I should be able to turn off the "Show Correct responses when reviewing" in the Result Slide Options.  The Ultimate issue is....I do not see this Result Slide Options in Storyline for this Result Slide.  


Please help!

Thank you!


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Michael 

Those images don't look like Storyline - assuming they may be Quizmaker.  So if you are using SL 360, double click the Review quiz button to open the Trigger wizard and you will see the checkbox to deselect 'show correct/incorrect responses'. It will take the ticks away but leave the coloured banner along the bottom

Mehdi Zadeh

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for the response. This worked great! 

Is Articulate working on adding the feature of editing/moving/removing the banner in a future release? It just seems to me it would be easier to have the option to do this than going through all those steps just add a custom review layer to each quiz question.