Results Score % Incorrect when Retrying Quiz

I have set up the "Retry Quiz" button where learners only need to retake the questions they previously answered incorrectly. When doing this, the results score is showing as incorrect. Am I supposed to have a different trigger or set up for the Results slide when allowing learners to retake the previously incorrect answered questions?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Marisa

when you have the retry quiz button with the reset results trigger - you are effectively wiping the result on the first attempt and setting it back to 0.  On second attempt the user is only answering those questions they got incorrect on first round, they are not attempting all questions so the result on second attempt is not the full picture.

Some of the javascript heroes might be able to assist here where you can pull the first attempt score and then the second attempt score and add them together...unfortunately that's out of my area of expertise.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marisa,

It is possible but it's a bit of work. Essentially what you need to do is create a variable for each slide that is adjusted if they answer it correctly - and that way when they "revisit" it during the retry you would have a trigger on the slide to automatically change the state of the correct answer to selected if the variable was equal to True and jump to the next slide, all at the start of the timeline. There are a few examples in the community - let me do a little search and see what I can find for you! 

Ashley Terwilliger

Ok Marisa - a few changes on this one to get it to work. 

First, I stripped it down to two questions, your start slide and results slide for ease of testing. I only made changes to question 2. 

What you'll see was missing is a few things:

  • You need a submit trigger on the question for the revisit based on the condition that the answer was correct previously
  • You needed to allow the user to go to the layer, but ensure the layer jumped automatically to the next slide 
  • I moved the trigger to change the Q2 Correct variable to when the user clicked "continue" vs. when the timeline started.
  • Trigger order on all of these is going to be CRUCIAL 

Take a look at the attached and let me know if you have any questions. 

Marisa Bedrosian

that worked! Thank you so much, Ashley. However, now i am seeing flashing of the "Correct" layer when retrying the quiz. I was able to workaround this with delayed animations on the question slide before, but now it's flashing the correct layer when passing by the correctly answered questions. Any recommendations or advice to get around this?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marisa,

The triggers were all set to when timeline starts, so a bit of a flash could occur...but you could also look at adding triggers to adjust all the items on that slide to hidden based on being correct - that way the flash wouldn't show the actual slide but almost a blank slide. Hopefully someone in the community whose used a similar method can share their steps on how to resolve this design here!