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Graham Gordon


I have not changed anything on the results slide.  I can complete the quiz at the end of the module and then it just kicks me out.  The only way I can check my results is through my transcripts on the LMS.  I think the slide is working proper because the LMS understands it.  I have attached a copy of my results slide to this message.

Dennis Hall

Hi Graham:

If I ready your last message correctly, you are not getting to the results slide(no matter what grade in the exam). Is this correct?

If yes, verify your slide triggers for the submit button of the last question. Make sure there is no Exit Course when user clicks Submit Button trigger used.

You Slides Submit button triggers should save your results, then Jump to slide Results (in that order).

Also, it's a good idea to ensure your results slide is in teh same scene as your questions (just a safe suggestion).

If I am not correctly understanding your issue, please excuse me. It's not always easy helping people in via forums.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall