Results Slide condition : showing 3 different layers

Hi everybody!

I'am trying to get a special results slide which displays a layer in function of the score. 

I changed the conditions for the Failure and the Success trigger :

Show layer Failure
When the timeline starts
If Results5.ScorePoints is less than 78.00

Show layer Success
When the timeline starts
If Results5.ScorePoints is greater than or equal to Results5PassPoints

And I had another layer named "Feu Orange"

Show layer Feu Orange
When the timeline starts
If Results5.ScorePoints is between 78.00 and 104.00 (=Results5PassPointsScore)

When I obtain a score between 78.00 and 104.00, I get the Failure layer.

Anyone could help ?

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Salomé Desanges

Hi Ali !

Thanks a lot for your help.
Here is the fake project I've been working on to solve the problem.

I changed and tried to use the variables ResultsScorePercent but it still does not work.

This time i just get no layer displayed whenI'm in the middle score, which is really strange.

It's the very last slide I'm working on.


Ali Goulet

Hey Salomé,

Thanks for sharing your file with me! 

I changed the condition on the Feu Orange layer trigger to "Results3.ScorePercent is between 60.0 and 80.00" and it's now showing me that layer:

I've attached the edited project file for you here, too.

Hope that's helpful! Good luck with the rest of your project ☺️