Results Slide does not work

The results slides no longer appears if I try to add one.

Even new - blank - courses - The results slide does not appear on the menu.

I notice this is also effecting the tracking we use for OLM.

The courses where the results slide is not showing do not track. The courses where the results slide is displayed do work.

I have tried eveything:

Reset from story - inserting menu item - importing - exporting - starting from a raw template.... nothing works

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David Sohriakoff

a support page: Unfortunately this is not a solution. The scene does appear in the menu, but the actual slide in the scene does not. I have over 15 courses with a result slides at the end - and the results slide appears in the menu bar. If I try to edit those courses, (delete the results slide and insert a new one) it does not appear. The results slide has always appeared at the end of my courses. I believe this is recent since one of the updates.

I know this is a small issue. However, I have identified these courses as being the courses that will not track in our OLM system. The ones that have a results slide in the menu can be tracked in our OLM. All settings are the same.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David, 

It seems unusual that you have courses with the results slide in the menu since as Becky shared, by default Storyline doesn't include it in the menu. I'm also curious if you've reviewed this article on troubleshooting common LMS issues, specifically testing the course at SCORM Cloud or checking with your LMS team as they're your primary support for tracking and reporting issues.