Results slide

Question 1

I have several quizes which end with a result slide for each quiz

I have an overall result slide that should take the information from all of the other results slides.  BUT

When I select:

Calculate results from selected slides and user must pass each quiz  my overall results slide loses any variable that were there and becomes a blank page.

Question 2

If I got the overall results slide working and it took all information from the other slides how would the LMS know this was the results slide to report the module as passed or failed when published.

Thank you


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Ken Stafford

Hi Peter Re my questions above I have now solved the problem, something I had not done.

The biggets problem I have is I cannot get an image to show when success has been achived on a result slide?

I can get my image to show when I use a result slide connected to a quiz BUT the overall results slide that takes information from all the quiz results slides my image will not show no matter what I do.

Happy to send file if you would take a look Peter.