Results Slide Failure Layer Displays as Default After Quiz is Retaken

Sep 28, 2016


I have been making extensive use of Storyline 2 for teaching health and safety in a University environment. However, I have come across an issue which I did not notice previously but has been flagged to me by a student. 

I have set up a particular presentation with 7 different quizzes, one at the end of each scene.  The ability to continue to the next scene is only offered to the users if they pass a quiz and I have done that by removing the default Next/Prev buttons and placed a button to reach the next scene on the "success" layer which is displayed if the quiz score is equal to or greater than the pass score - using the standard variable created by a results slide.

The failure layer contains the options to retry the quiz or re-watch the scene and return to the quiz.

However, if users fail a quiz but then retake it successfully the failure layer is still displaying on reaching the results slide by default. To try to overcome this I set up a button to display the relevant layer (success or fail) based on the score (greater/= or less than pass score) but the system still displays the failure layer as default, even though there is no trigger on the results slide to display this until the button is pressed. This means my users get stuck and cannot progress even though a passable score is displayed. 

I have mocked up what I mean (attached). The attached file works because I added a work around to hide both the success and failure layers when the results slide opens. If these triggers are deleted and the quiz is failed first and then passed the failure layer is displayed at the end regardless of the quiz score. 


Paul Beal

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Paul Beal

Ah, OK, I see, thanks Leslie. So if you leave a slide and then return to it you need to make sure any layers that are not needed on the return are hidden beforehand.

That makes sense - I had not thought about it before but it potentially solves a couple of other issues - so simple!

Thanks again for your help.


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