Results Slide in Storyline 1 vs Storyline 2

Hi everyone,


I was wondering if anyone had encountered this recently and if there was any way to fix or workaround this.


I have a course done in SL1 where the scoring from all quizzes go to a result slide. The result slide is built as follows:


- Calculate results for all questions

- Passing score is 100%

- Nothing else checked


This is so that when we publish to LMS, the tracking of the learner's completion is if they were able to do all the quizzes in the course.


When we publish this for testing, we're able to go through the entire course up til the last slide, then when we navigate back to the quizzes they reset nicely and they can still be attempted (they are all on reset to initial state). However, when we do this in Storyline 2, the quizzes do not work. I don't think I changed any settings or triggers because I opened the SL1 file in SL2 directly.


So is this a bug or was this intended? If it is a bug, will there be a fix?


Hope I hear back from you guys. Thanks!

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Emily Ruby

Hello Raphy,

I tested this file in both web publish, and SCORM publish and both worked as designed. If you navigate back to the questions throughout the course, you can retake them, however, if you get to the end where the results are submitted, you would need to add a trigger to "reset results" if you want the users to be able to retake the questions.