Results Slide is not communicating completion to LMS for only a few users

Jul 07, 2016

I'm hoping someone can help me solve this mystery!  We have 6 mystery employees whose results of completing the e-learning (Storyline 2) did not transfer to the LMS.  The rest of our employees who have completed the e-learning are all showing as "complete" in the LMS.  

What are the conditions/dependencies surrounding the final result slide in order for results to be transferred to the LMS?  We have Halogen's LMS.

For example:  If the results slide had a duration of 5 seconds, and the learner closed the e-learning before 5 seconds were up, would that make the results not transfer to the LMS?

Are there other dependencies such as this?

I believe the 6 users acted differently in some way, as they are the only ones whose results did not transfer.  Any ideas or experience with this?  Thanks!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Anne -- Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear of your troubles! May I ask if you are finding the same troubles if you test the course via the SCORM Cloud, as well? If I am understanding your question correctly, the results should transfer to the LMS as soon as the results slide loads, but you may want to reach out to Halogen to ask if there are any conditions where this may be prevented. 

Anne Sikorski

Hi Christie - Thanks for your response!  Yes, I tested the course in the SCORM Cloud, with no troubles.  I believe I do not have a good understanding of the 4 options under Publish, Reporting and Tracking.  Can you please explain the difference between:  Passed/Incomplete, Passed/Failed, Completed/Incomplete, and Completed/Failed?

I had Passed/Incomplete selected, and Halogen is telling me that is why the mystery learners are still showing as Enrolled...

Halogen also mentioned that generally it is the act of clicking a finish button that triggers passing completion information to the LMS.  I did not have a finish button on my results slide.  Is this necessary or recommended?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Anne -- Thanks for your reply, and you may find the explanation offered by Brian Allen (one of the Heroes here in the community) to be helpful. Referring to the SumTotal LMS, Brian shared the following over here in this similar post:

"Here are the LMS reporting options we mostly use when publishing from Articulate for SumTotal LMS, and the scenarios for which we use them -

  1. Completed/Incomplete: We use this for any unscored content where we are tracking completion based on slide views. If the minimum number of slides are viewed, then the user is marked as completed. If not they are left in progress.
  2. Passed/Incomplete: We use this for scored content where we want the user to be left in progress if they do not achieve the minimum passing score. If the user achieves the minimum passing score they are marked as completed/passed with score, if not they remain in progress and no score is passed to SumTotal, allowing them to try again.
  3. Passed/Failed: We use this on a limited basis, primarily for things like compliance or certification activities where we want to record a failed status. If the user achieves the minimum passing score they are marked as completed/passed with score, if not they are marked as completed/failed with score. This is especially useful if you want to limit number of attempts through a learning activity for the purpose of assigning remedial training, etc., in the event of someone failing.

My guess is that these reporting options will function fairly similarly for any LMS."

And as for needing a finish button, again, your results should be transmitted when the results slide is reached, but you might want to consider some of the input shared here: How Do You End a Storyline E-Learning Last Slide?

Sam Harrison

I know this is a year old, but did you find the solution for this? I've been having the same issue for about a month now. There is a group of users that are intermittently experiencing report issues while most users are reporting fine. We use a Dispatch from SCORM Cloud that is loaded in their system. I've tested the courses in SCORM Cloud alone and it works fine. It seems like its an issue at the user level (browser settings etc..). Really scratching my head here...