Results slide is penalizing scores for multiple attempts (Storyline 360)

I've spent some time trying to sift this answer out of the amazing e-learning heroes, but haven't figured out the right search terms.

I have my quizzes set up to enable users to click all of the possible answers and still get credit.  At least that's what I think I have done. 

The questions enable the user to make the same number of attempts as the number of choices (multiple choice).  When I preview the quiz and intentionally miss an answer, but then select the right answer on my second attempt, the results slide scores me at 80% instead of 100%.  When I review the quiz, all of my responses are marked correct.

What am I doing wrong?

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Robin Wright

More information:  I added a new results slide to each of the three scenes in my course.  All three results slide are using the same results variables (results.passpercent; results.passpoints; results.scorepercent; results.scorepoints.

Should there be different results variables on each result slide?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Ribin - no they are system generated you can't manually add them and SL  an be a bit fickle about holding on to them even when you delete the result slide.

I would recommend starting a new SL file then importing in all your content including quiz slides but not the result slides. In the new file then add the first result slide tick the quiz slides that should add to this result and check the variables list to see that the four variables are created. When that one is right move on and create the next result slide - tick the quiz slides that should be included and again check the  variable list you should now have two sets of 4 result variables (the second set should have a (1) tag displaying.

Repeat for the final set- when this result slide is added the variable list should be showing the set of 4 result variables tagged with a (2).

each result slide should reference the set of quiz slides specific to that result and it's unique variables.

hope that makes sense



Robin Wright

Thanks, Phil.  At this point, I think all of the results slides are dodgy.  They all share the same set of variables, so I can't tell them apart.

The idea of making a new scene and duplicating the slides into that new scene is interesting.  I'll give that a go before importing everything into a new file.

So, the best practice is never delete a results slide?

Robin Wright

I tried creating a new scene and moving the question slides into it.  I ended up with three scenes, one for teach quiz. When I added the first new results slide, it made a new set of variables.  But when I added a results slide into the second quiz scene, it used the same variables as the first quiz.  

I guess I don't have a choice.  I'll need to rebuild the tutorials.  After several months of work...  :(

Robin Wright

Ok - so now I'm officially baffled.  To recap:

1.  I tried moving the quiz questions out of the original scene into a separate quiz scene.  As a result there are three new scences in my storyline file.

2.  I added a results slide to the first scence - no problem.  But when I added a results slide to the second scene, Storyline did not create new variables.  Instead, both quizzes are using the same variables.

3.  I imported my existing Storyline scenes and slides into a new storyline file.  Saved it and tried again. It starts out with no results variables.  I add one results slide and have a set of "results" variables.  I add a second results slide and do not get Results1 variables.  Instead, each result variable has a 2 or 4 in the use count...



Robin Wright

Hi, Wendy - I think there may be a bug in Storyline 360 and have put in a report (or whatever it is called).  I'm also attaching the most recent file, in which all three newly created quizzes are using the same results variables.  

I'll look at the link you posted to see if there are other things I can do, other than importing slides in to a new file.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Robin

I imported your .story file into a new file excluding the result slides. I then added a new result slide to each of the scenes, each time checking the variable list and it is behaving as expected.

Of course they are the default result layout not your formatted one.

Robin Wright

Some progress to report.  I was just successful in creating results slides for the three quizzes, with each quiz having unique variables.  The trick was to use ONLY the basic graded results slides (the one at the top of the list).  If I used any of the designed slides (Vision, Velocity, Vibrance, etc.), I got three quiz results that all used the same variables.  So I think it is associated with the beautiful layouts somehow.  

Wendy Farmer

Good troubleshooting Robin - so it's content library result slides that are erroring. That good information for the Articulate guys to follow up on.  Perhaps as a workaround you can screenshot the result slide format you like and overlay it as an image then connect up hotspot/shapes for users to click on.

Good luck with your project :-)

Leslie McKerchie

Great news!  Another update for Articulate 360 is now available.  It includes a few important fixes and new features that you'll see in the release notes here.  

The item you may be interested in is:

Quizzes weren't scored correctly when the same Content Library result slide was added to a course more than once. Now Storyline asks to create a new set of variables each time you insert the same result slide, resolving the conflict.

Launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and click the Update button for each application. Details here.

Please let us know if you have any questions, either here or by reaching out to our Support Engineers directly.